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The harbour crane is turning again

For decades, the harbour crane has been a beacon for seafarers entering Harlingen. Where the crane was first used to unload cargo ships, it now offers accommodation for two people. For two years a large team of professionals worked lovingly on the restoration and renovation of the harbour crane.

A unique experience

You determine your own view in the harbour crane, because you can make the harbour crane turn in the control cabin yourself. A unique experience! The harbor crane is the ideal place to stay when you have something to celebrate or just want to be together.

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Havenkraan uitzicht

Fred + Cecile

“A place to be yourself ? A place to share together ? A memory to keep ? we will return definitely ?”

Louise and Tom

“Amazing, incredible, wonderful – we're coming for 2 days next time!”

Hani & Louise

“The harbourcrane is amazing!
We loved it and couldn't believe how beautifully, imaginatively designed it was.”

Lars & Birte

“The 'Crane- experience' was all that we expected.. and more! What a wonderful concept. ”

Jérémy & Terje

“Perfect start of a day after a perfect evening! What a way to spent a night in the beautiful hide-out up in the sky!”

Patsy and Tim Colville

“The most amazing, fun place that we have ever stayed in”

Canline & Junne

“….. There she goes moving the crane again… will definately spread the word around.”

Havenkraan bij nacht

Two lifts up

The entrance has a surprise in store for you. The cage ladders have been replaced by two especially designed lifts. The first lift brings you to a platform between the crane’s legs. In the second lift, both of you zoom up to the heart of the crane. “Beam me up, Scotty.”

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Come in

In the former machine house you will find a spacious double bed, seating comfort by Charles Eames, a generous shower and all the facilities needed for an extensive breakfast. You control the light and climate with a touchscreen.

Let it swing!

A little staircase leads from the main room to the control cabin. One chair, one stick. A tentative hand. 360 degrees round and round and round, until you found the best view. Day or night. From the control cabin you also have access to the highest vantage point of the crane: the large roof terrace.