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Gift voucher

Surprise friends, family or business relations with an original gift voucher for a unique overnight stay in the Harbour Crane in Harlingen. It is also possible to opt for a gift voucher that can be exchanged at both the Harbour Crane, the Lifeboat and the Lighthouse. You determine the value of the gift voucher yourself (min. €100,-). If the costs for the overnight stay are higher than the value of the gift voucher, the remaining amount can be paid by your guests.

After completing and sending the form, you will receive a voucher in PDF format and an invoice via e-mail within two days. The voucher will be sent without a date and the overnight stay can be booked by the guests via our website. Alternatively, you can order a luxury gift box, see below.

The gift vouchers are valid indefinitely from the date of purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose a PDF voucher, you will receive it via email within two business days. The gift box will ship within two business days, but due to delivery service delays, it may take up to seven days for you to receive the box.

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  • If you choose this option, the gift voucher can be exchanged at both the Harbour Crane, the Lifeboat and the Lighthouse. You can enter any amount here with a minimum of €100,-.
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Luxury gift box

A special attention is the beautiful luxury gift box containing not only a gift certificate, but also a small brochure of the harbourcrane. This makes the surprise and the gift even more special. You can order it from us for €10.00, including shipping costs. There is also a general Dromen Aan Zee gift box available, which can be used for all three of our hotels (Harbour Crane, Lighthouse or Lifeboat).

The delivery time of the gift box is 7 working days.